Found my old macbook after 3 years running client litecoin qt2 I am 133 weeks behind

Hello all,

I found my old macbook and powered it up the Battery is totally dead. After getting a charger for it I found my old litecoin qt 2 client and I started it up after a great many hours I am still out of sync by 133 weeks.

Is there a quicker way of getting my litecoin into a new wallet and a updated synced up client?

Can i go to a new machine download the latest litecoin client and copy over my .dat file over from my mac?

Many thanks again in advance for any advice.



133 weeks isn’t bad, I believe the litecoin blockchain is only about 7.7GB.

I would:

HI Cxop,

Thank you so much for the help. I will get a copy of the dat and copy it over to my new laptop and install the litecoin core. and do the sync.

Thank you so much. Please PM me your Litecoin account details cxop and I will send you some beer money in litecoin.



Another option is to export your private keys and import them on a good light spv wallet.
The only one I know of is
It will download a few megabytes instead of a few gigabytes, and works perfectly fine. You can even pair it with a hardware wallet if you have any.

I suggest you to take this opportunity to create a SegWit-p2sh wallet. It will help you save money on your future transactions, because fees are lower for SegWit tx.


Oh, and welcome back!