Found a Wallet.dat from 2011 - how to check value?

I was getting an old pc ready to be dumped and found a wallet.dat on it. The PC hasn’t been used for about 8 years and probably minimally since 2011.

I did a minuscule amount of mining in 2011, but didn’t get far. I found the wallet unsecured, though secured it now. The blockchain woefully out of date. The PC hasn’t been online for many years and wasn’t when I checked the other day.

At the moment I see nothing in the wallet.

There could be nothing in it. 10, 50, 100 or maybe a few more, i don’t really remember how fast they mined. I just know the Bitcoin was arduous. I did start and stop a few times (uninstalling and starting new wallets) between two pc’s which is why I am not certain there are any in there at all.

My questions are:

If I left it unsecured but barely used the PC could any litecoins have been stolen?

Is there a reasonable way to check the value without downloading the blockchain? I looked and haven’t found anything that works in 2020.

If I have 100mbps broadband and a modern PC how long should I expect the whole blockchain to download and at what size? It’s just mining that is resource intensive not downloading the chain I believe?

Thanks in advance. Will decide if it’s worth investing a bit of time to check.

Right click your wallet.dat and search for “name” your address will be in there, copy and paste it to a block explorer

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