Forgot Wallet Pass HALP!


sorry, looks like you;re right, not bip32 - BIP38
here is a sample wallet I generated using (it has no funds on it :wink:
Private key
Public key

If I suspected what the password was, (for example I thought it was Test rather than test) I’d want to try a bunch of variations (Test, TEST, Test1, Test1!, test)
This is what I did with my javascript, but it’s really slow, and the browser it runs in crashes if I run it in parallel.
I was hoping that I could leverage hashcat to run the bip38 mechanism multiple times to try to decrypt the key (brute force = slow I understand).

I was hoping that if hashcat has this ability, it would be faster than my javascript process.


I need help with this


hashcat wont run bip38…
it only does aes128 or aes256 for bitcoin wallets which is what bitcoin and litecoin wallets use for encryption of keys…
only way to get hashcat to work is to extract your encrypted master public key, encrypted private key. and public key in the form of a script using something like johntherippers
then using the bash script…you enter that into hashcat to decrypt over and over using the rules you supply until it finds it or tries all rules specified…


if you want to crack a bip38 wallet like that then you would need to write your own python code to hash a list of phrases over and over again until you get a key match…basically recreating the key from scratch