Forgot Passphrase - Paying the Challenge

Hi Everyone,

I’m using Litecoin Wallet(Qt) and forgot my passphrase.

Can you please advise of the ways of finding my password?

P.S. The challenge is - Don’t know the number of chars as I typed random on my keyboard. I am willing to pay for the service.

Hi there maybe you can download hashcat to help you to break your passphrase? Or you got back up your wallet before you set up ur passphrase?


Thank you for your fast response. Can you please help me to recover the password guiding me through steps?

I will pay real money.

You download hashcat yet? You can find @pguerrerox for help

thanks for the shout-out but I don’t have the knowledge nor the hardware to offer my help on this topic.


Hi Xue,

Yes, I downloaded hashcat. What’s the next step to find my pass please?

Flavyshh did you figure it out ?