Forget passphrase, please help me

I forgot the passphrase to protect wallet (litecoin wallet) installed on 32 bit windown, please guide me deleting passphrase or recovering passphrase.

Thank you!


Ho Tan Que

Hi Ho,

I can assist you, I have had the same issue.

Depending on how you’re wanting to do it - the most important thing is DO NOT GIVE ANYONE your wallet!

We can extract your passphrase hash from your wallet, which means you only give someone, e.g me, or yourself, your passphrase hash.

Then we can use a bruteforce attacker to generate wordlist based on your possible combinations plus a list of words(wordlists I have are about 50GB and over 30M combinations I think…)

We let the bruceforce run and see how we go!

We use btcrecover and pywallet to do this.

Let me know if you want help, or guidance on this.


Hi Steveltc,

I do not understand technical, now to get back passphrase help me, you need information to be able to get back to me Passphrase. I really need your help.
Any request you can send mail to me at email address:

Thank you!


If it would be easy it would not be very usefull to use a passphrase protection would it?
Bruteforce attack can, but takes a lot of time or a lot of computer power. Bruteforce means just try a lot of differend passwords and see if it is the right one, millions and millions of possibilities so this can take a while.
Using wordlist only helps if you used a for human understandable password. It won’t help if you used some random combination of letters and numbers.
An 8 character letters and numbers combination (high and low case) gives 218.340.150.584.896 possibilities…

The best you can do is try to remember, otherwise I think it’s quite impossible.