First install on raspberry pi 4 64-bit fails to run download of litecoin-0.21.3

Downloaded the arm version of litecoin-0.21.3 to a fresh install of RaspberryOS 64-bit (Lite). Extracted to the home directory. Tried to run litecoind and got the following:
-bash: litecoin-0.21.3/bin/litecoind: cannot execute: required file not found
Done a bit of searching and the only thing I’ve found is that the file is DOS format, but i don’t believe that. Please can I get some help with getting litecoind working so that I can run a full node for the first time?

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Did you try the aarch64 version? I have had a node running on a pi 4 for over a year and that’s the only version that will run. Just updated two 0.21.3 two days ago and it’s working great.


I believe that’s what happened. I think the user also posted on GitHub, and the aarch64 version works for them.

For anyone who isn’t aware aarch64 is the official name for 64 bit arm cpus. Like that found on a Raspberry Pi 5!

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