FineCoin- Every ICO Round SOLD OUT in under 10 seconds!

Thank you guys for your support. You are amazing, together we can build something great here! :boom:

Pre-Sale was amazing- 1 000 000 coins sold out in 12 seconds.
Yesterday our ICO round was sold out in a record time- 8.1 seconds.
So don’t be late for today’s ICO round!

More than 30 000 members trust us and invest with us. You can find our Bitcointalk thread here

We wrote a new blog post about Bitconnect and Davor coin, make sure you check out why they died and what mistakes they made on FineCoin blog

We are making some changes, asked our members to vote if they want for the lending platform to say or change it to hosted staking. The vote is concluded now and 90% of our members voted for hosted staking.

We decided that hosted staking will be the one who gives back profits to our community.

These changes are made due to restrictions in the USA because most of our members are from the United States.

Dear FineCoin Community,

Yesterday was the last FineCoin ICO round!

And we want to make it really special for FINE Community.

So after the ICO, we’ll add a Special Round (invites only).

The best part is, anyone can get an invitation.

==> As you might know, we offered our community to return their FINE Coins if they didn’t like that we are switching to Hosted Staking.

In total, we bought back a bit more than 150 000 FINE Coins for an average price of $0.53.

So here’s the deal, if you participated in Yesterday’s ICO Round - You will receive The Invitation to The Special Round.

Where you will have the chance to buy FINE Coins for only 53 cents.

To sum-up:
Only if you participate in yesterday’s round
And buy FINE Coins
You will be invited to The Special Round
Where you can buy FINEs for $0.53
Amazing, huh?

& there is more, The Special Round won’t have any minimums and the max buy is 4 000 FINE Coins.

Good luck to everyone.

And Thank You for all your support!

The FineCoin Team