Finding details on LTC like

can LTC be moved from my Coinbase acct to myetherwallet? Coinbase tells me it won’t work - do I set up myetherwallet to receive it somehow? Do I need to add a custom token on myetherwallet with LTC address and LTC decimals? Does anyone know those numbers? Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you!

No…Lite coin and Ether are two different coins…you can trade litecoin for ether and receive that ether though

read this please:

Thank you bakd247 - I thought (and could be wrong) that any ERC20 coin could be transferred from Coinbase to myetherwallet or that adding the LTC address and decimal # on my etherwallet under the “add custom coin” would take care of it.

If LTC is not an ERC20 then I guess that would be why I am getting an error message from Coinbase about transferring to myetherwallet address. But they don’t bother saying why.

Trying to get info from Coinbase is nearly impossible. They are either understaffed altogether or understaffed on the customer service side. That’s why I hope to find a much better company to go through.

Thanks again for your reply.

Litecoim is not an ERC20 ethereum token…it is a litecoin…completely different blockchain and algorithm all together…

Ahhhhh, so not to be thrown into the batch of other ERC20s in the ether wallet. Thank you! Now I know what I must do… thanks again.

Good that you ask before you try anything,

exchange LTC to ETH then send.

good luck!