Find my lost Litecoin?

So a few years ago I traded in some litecoin. I was using an exchange named LiteTree. It’s been a couple years since I logged in (my fault) but now it that seems LiteTree is completely gone not sure when or why it disappeared. I had a wallet associated with this exchange and still have the address but no way to access it. I had about 33 Litecoin with Litetree. Is it gone now or do I have some way I can recover the Litecoin? Thanks for any help.

if you have the address you can import it and sweep the transactions to your wallet with the private key and passphrase

Thanks for the reply bakd247. How do I “import it and sweep the transactions to your wallet”? Also I don’t think I have the private key. I assume this probably means I am out of luck.

if you created a receiving address it has a private key…your public address also has a corresponding private key…actually any and all address generated have corresponding private keys…

you sweep by: If your wallet is protected by a passphrase (i.e you have to enter a passphrase before you can send) unlock it by typing
walletpassphrase “your walletpassphrase here” 600
dumpprivkey [your Litecoin address here]
This will return the private key which will start with the number 5
Once you have your private key if you had to unlock your wallet you can relock it by exiting or typing:

then under console you are going to type import address followed by the address and the corresponding private key…type help in console for a description of functions like importaddress and such…

Same thing happened to me. In 2013 I bought 13 litecoins from litetree and forgotten all about em. Bitcoin goes nuts and I look to see where they are and I haven’t a clue. A google search turns up misery about litetree and the website doesn’t exist.

I searched my email and I retrieved some which go as follows:

Trade orders have been executed
1.2 LTC at 58.0 USD per LTC for a total of 69.6 USD
5.8 LTC at 58.0 USD per LTC for a total of 336.4 USD

And that’s it!

I have a pin code/validation code, 5 digits.
And I have an account ID code.

I think I’m screwed!

none of that info has anything to do with bitcoin / litecoin address’…sorry to hear about anyone getting rippied off…companies like that are what give crypto a bad rep…even though its the companies rep it still reflects on the coin community when things like this happen…any idea of "sending address? There is possibility of recovery if you have certain data belonging to the senders wallet… :wink:

Yup I have that same email and information. I wonder if we know the dates and times and amounts could we someone track down the transaction? I don’t know enough about blockchain but it seems like that should be possible.

yes…you just need the address you sent to and use block explorer…find the ending address which is linked to the ending IP address…this is how everyone gets busted buying drugs online…all transactions are attached to your IP address and even using a proxy server…there is still and end point…that’s why its pseudonymous and not anonymous

Exact thing happened to me. I bought about 3 years ago checked the website and it’s gone.

So what’s the deal, did the owner of the site steal my coins? Would have been nice to receive an email so I could of moved the coins off the site. That’s what I get for not putting them in a wallet I suppose.

yeah…unless you have the wallet address with the corresponding private key your coins are still with that site owner…

same here. Can someone update this thread if there is ever a solution to this? I bought 20 litecoins from Litetree and cant access them and do not have any of these addresses.

the only true solution is to get your private keys…
you you have any form of a private key on that site at all?
without having them send you your coins correctly or having your personal private keys there is not anything anyone can do for this…

what is the public address containing the coins? you can check their balance at blockcypher to confirm they are even holding the coins they claim they are for you…

I don’t think any of us have the wallet info. I was a nube years ago when I bought litecoin and didn’t realize I should record the wallet information (if they even gave it to us). All I have, as the others have mentioned is a LiteTree ID number (worth probably nothing) and an email that shows the time, date and amount of litecoin purchase.

I was wondering if I know the the exact date and amount of litecoin for bitcoin trade and a rough time of the transaction (based on when the email was sent) can it be researched on the blockchain to see if we can find the wallet? Or is that a dumb question?

I also have another email from LiteTree where my IP address was “confirmed”. I am guessing this wasn’t the IP address to make the trade, more probably the IP address that was authorized to log into my LiteTree Account. Not sure if thats helpful info - probably not.

you can go to and type in the public address, transaciton id or ip address of any and all transactions on both bitocin and litecoin

Same here. I bought 15 litcoins from this site in Nov. 2013. By September of 2014, the site was gone. I never put my coins in a wallet, I never got to that part. How can something that claims to be safe and better then cash get stolen so easily?

once you have the prviate key then it is better than cash…you cant just type in a dollars serial number and send it all over the world…
buy from coinbase and trusted sources like Gemini…do your research before buying…

I came here, 4 years later after this post was made because I have a similar story to tell.

I had sold BTC and bought LiteCoins in 2013, through litetree

I did some research, and found that it was incorporated under UK law (search companies house UK):
company #08664002

If you look under “people” you will see that the founder is
Jonathan Bryann SPEIGNER.

He dissolved the company in 2015, meaning that he had previously decided to run with the money. That was around the first time that crypto was starting to gain value.

Fast forward today, and the same guy who used to own LiteTree, now owns

And even has an app on Apple Store and Adroid store, called coin-wallet.

Sorry for resurrecting a zombie thread, but I thought this may be interesting to some of the people who got scammed back then, or those who may be getting scammed today.

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