Does anyone have any information what happened to the lawsuit of the scam by fibonacci asic miners?
Here is the original thread
And the lawsuit thread that followed.

I am asking for any information at all. Is there any way to check the progress of the lawsuit?

I lost around 10k, but I know there were people that lost alot more. Anyone with any info at all please come forward

I’ve been wondering the same thing for a while. Finally called up the Lee County court house in Florida to try and get more details. Long story short, it was dismissed by the plaintiffs. No idea if there was any out of court settlement or anything like that.

You can go to and in the “Case Number” box put in: 14-CA-003447

Nice, thanks for taking the time and looking this up. Were you also involved in this? Do you think they were bought out or reached a settlement?

Does anyone know how long after this type of crime/ fraud one can start a lawsuit?

Sorry that I didn’t see this before now, I no longer follow LTC or the forums, but was just looking up our friend again.

I was one of the Plaintiffs, and we ended up abandoning the lawsuit when our legal fees were getting too large. We also came to the determination, right or wrong, that it was unlikely that we’d be able to collect from Jason.

He did agree via email to pay back our money in installments, but then never responded when the legal agreement was drawn up. We expended a lot of energy to make him accountable, but not a lot of others did the same. In the end we added thousands to the losses already incurred for the lawsuit. I hope things have gotten better for everyone…