Expired TLS certificate

I’m not being able to navigate litecointalk.io as easily as I used to navigate. The certificate is expired (but it’s probably still safe, so I ignore it and just continue to the website). This might be an annoyance to other users, which might be seeing a blank page on their web browsers and are unaware of what is going on (because some browsers silently fail on expired certificates, not even giving the option for the user to accept the certificate).

This forum is somewhat silent in the past days. I wonder if this is causing that.


you need to delete your browser cache in order to stop seeing that most likely…
this will ask the site for a new certificate…
its because your using firefox most likely…
this is an error with your TLS/SSL secure connection that uses https
check this out:


Cleaning the cache has worked. Thanks for the hint.

Perhaps @Xinxi needs some help regarding certbot.