Exchange of litecoin

Exchange of litecoin is different from bitcoin. What are the countries where ic an exchange the litecoin?
Suggest some options.

do you mean convert bitcoin into litecoin? you can use alot exchange platform

Litecoin is listed on almost every exchange. If you don’t have a fiat on-ramp for it in your country, Get some Bitcoin & see if you can send it to an exchange like Binance to exchange for Litecoin with the
LTC / BTC pairing. Almost every exchange should have a LTC /BTC pair… So right now at the time of me writing this, 1 Litecoin is worth, (or trading at), 0.0043 of a Bitcoin…

There are many exchanges, the one’s I prefer are

and mainly used when you don’t wanna signup

using coinsbank wallet and exchange since 2017 and never had any issues with it. always good and safe.
Support team always answer very fast. I like this exchange.