Ethtrade reliable or SCAM?

Ethtrade do you think they are reliable?

Ethereum is certainly a scam. As far as the company Ethtrade? Probably, since they are dealing with an obvious scam. Good luck.


Why do you think ETH is a scam? Serious question

Was scammed to often…

For now it works great :slight_smile:

My First Payout of 10 ETH arrived today :slight_smile: it works for now…

How many eth did you invest? I would be very cautious using a service like this.

Only 50. Yeah sure it is a risk. But they have local offices and the worker contracts of traders are online. Also they have weekly and monthly reports about the trades. If it is a scam, it is a realy good one :slight_smile:

20% return in a short period of time… This is almost certainly a scam.

Reliability of Ethtrade or SCAM ??? Pyramid !!!, mlm business - this pyramidal referral program is a pyramid, a large referral program is an excellent pyramid, Ponzi

hi bin schon lange bei Ethtrade dabei es ist kein Scam, es lauft alles top zahlen aus. du hast jeden tag ein nachweis uber deinen zuwachs . Mache aber keine werbung und suche auch keine neun einsteiger . mache das nur fur mich.