Etf approval right around the corner!

Wow with all the youtube vids going crazy about this topic! If Not approve-- bitcoin going down the drain. If it’s approve --we gonna be rich !!! lmao! Omg, these peeps are making me laugh so hard. :laughing: Segwit—Bitcoin versus Bitcoin 2 . lol Amanda out there charming everyone with her smooth wit. I just love this. Better than a saturday night live show!

I did something really smart today!!!

I BOUGHT MORE LITECOIN!! (Bought some dash to, to be honest) Everytime I read post about all crypto currency, I always come back to the same conclusion. Litecoin is still 2 month pregnant baby, and when it give birth, which is by end of this year. My hunch is that, it will. be a force to be reckon with. I’ve looked at all small alt coins, and supposely researched into them. I still believe litecoin has a investment position—fast buy and sell transaction time, and a even keel price position thru all the turmoil I see., in the world news. Oh well, Sold the rest of my ethereum and took the profits----to buy litecoin and dash. Until next time, Litecoin warriors, get your comments out there and keep on pushing… I comment on youtube vids, and always push for litecoin. lol You got to see the comment I get lmao! To funny