Error restoring old wallet

I’m trying to restore an old wallet from 2017 that wont seem to work.
I downloaded, opened and synced the latest Litecoin Core- quit the program, went in to the folders and found the ‘default’ wallet, and replaced with my old wallet.dat file
I then opened Litecoin again, and after a while of syncing, I get the error message “Failed to rescan the wallet during initialisation.”
Does anyone know why that might be happening? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

was the wallet.dat file encrypted?
do you have the private key? if not, do you have the address for that wallet? if so, have you gone into console and usded the dumpprivkey “address” to get the private key?

not sure if that will work but if you can get the private key, you can always create a new wallet and import the private key to it.

Hmm I’m not sure the answer to any of these, I really don’t know anything about how wallets work, just had a few coins in an old one, think I just pressed ‘backup wallet’ some time and got a .dat file that I kept for future.

I’ll do some more reading and try to look into your points, I thought I could just put it in the right folder and it would work.

that would work if it was not encrypted - if it was encrypted you need the pw for it. there are steps to do that - I think someone else here also had same issue but was able to help them recover as well. Check the other threads and see if any of those solutions help you out.

I think there are certain guides online that talk about this exact topic but I can’t seem to find the right link. Make sure that you still have all the files from your wallet because you have to know if it got compromised. I am confidente that you did not have problems on your end but this might be an important factor that you need to realize because there are some passwords or keys that you have to use because the wallet will have some files that will be locked down.