Error: error opening block database

program not even start running it just crash on loading screen with two errors and than it just shut downs without doing any sync or anything else … i have tried to reinstall - not helping … got the same issue

first error

“corrupted block database detected , do you want to rebuild block database now?”

than i press ok

instant second error

“Error: error opening block database”

with only one option to click “Ok”

i dont care about the wallet funds because it was empty i just want to use program from new wallet

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it was said i have to have in my crypto wallet 100$ at least to be able to proceed … i never heard this time of scam before , or what is it ? i have to give my wallet 12 words key to get bar code to be able to upgrade my software on computer , and by the way i dont even need to recover my wallet because it was empty… it just ridiculuos … where how to download litecoin core for new wallet ?

I’ve banned that user, they are a scammer. If you sent any seed phrases or private keys - please immediately move your coins to a different wallet.

Basically the best solution would be to just delete your blocks/ folder in the Litecoin Data Directory (search this forum to find the where it is for your OS). Then restarting will force a resync, which fixes a corrupt block data.

If you’re a regular user, you should probably be using a light wallet like Electrum-LTC (only download from or Litewallet if you’re on mobile. These wallets are much faster and easier for the average person to use, and you wouldn’t have to worry with all this blocks nonsense.

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thank you, i can say that was very intellectual scam … they talked really like very intelligent support with long messages and so on … i can past the website if you care to somehow to discard it for illegal activities of theirs or what ever… if you cant check what that user been deleting in his post…

anyway i will check your solution if anything gonna go wrong i will write again … if electrum-ltc gonna be running fine than its all good