EPOS intergration

Hi Team,

I am hunting down for a litecoin android app which can be integrated with a EPOS application.

The idea is simple, on the POS system, the cashier will have an option of press cash, card or litecoin/bitcoin payment.

When the cashier selects crypto payment option, the POS communicate with the app (which may be loaded on a android mobile device) with the amount that needs to be paid. The rest of the transaction is completed on the mobile device, and once completed a hand shake with the POS to complete the sales transaction.

The other option I have considered is a LCD customer display, communicate with a online API and simply display the 2D barcode to allow for payment.

The reason for choosing litecoin is the open platform, decent roadmap, low transaction costs, quick verification process (compared to bitcoin) and also the litecoin lightning which is in the process of being standardised,

For a retailer, the real advantage is there are no transaction costs and very cheap to deliver. Also researching the possibility of using the crypto technology allowing the shop owner to issue vouchers or a point based system (how term goal)

Your thoughts?