Entry Level Equipment for Mining Monero: Vega 64 GPU Mining Rig


The Vega 64 is an efficient piece of hardware for mining Monero and with the way that network works, there is a potential for stable revenues (and maybe profits)

I have two 6 card GPU rigs and I’m in the process of upgrading them from open air rigs into custom rack mountable chassis. I’m also getting some Radeon VII GPUs

I am interested in selling them to the right buyer. I can provide the equipment (Intel cpu, mother board, power supplies, etc.) and some after-sales support to make sure you get it up and running OK

The most common problem I have seen is a just not wiring up the power supplies right, the devices will lock up rather than potentially damage the hardware

Message me if you’re interested in trading LTC for equipment: https://www.ebay.com/itm/223469196553