Electrum wallet strange behaviour

Hi, I tried to transfer 10LTC from Electrum to an exchange. The exchange got the 10 LTC,
but when I checked my wallet address on the block explorer, I was down 11.5LTC.
I checked the transaction and saw that there was 2 outputs

  1. 10 LTC to the exchange and
  2. 1.5 LTC to some random address.
    I checked in Electrum again and found this random address under “Change” with 1.5 LTC
    in it. I now have 2 addresses. Anyone know why Electrum did this?

this is how bitcoin , litecoin and all crypto works…if you get an input of 12 coins and want to send someone 10 of them. then 12 coin input gets sent out to the network and spits…the 10 goes to where you sent them to and your change goes either to the change address you specify or back to the initial address by default ass a change address…if sweeping a paper wallet or sweeping all funds and not sending all the coins…you can loose them to a new address that gets created because your not using a server software like core wallet and you are using centralized servers like electum you have no access to private keys…anyway I hope this help…make sure what ever the change address you have it in your receiving address area…

Thanks for that.
But I only specified a TX of 10LTC in Electrum. Why would it transfer 11.5?
Seems so random.

you must have had unspent outputs attached to that address somehow…or if you you had say 3 inputs all totaling to 11.5 it would have ot send all those inputs and give you back the change of the one input that was left…it works just like cash…hand someone a $20 in the form of 4 5’s for some thing that costs 16.50 and you get $3.50 back…

all your inputs are added up to total a specified output and if the inputs exceed the output amount then the remainder goes to the specified change address or the initial sending address by default