Electrum LTC Wallet on Mac (Incorrect password error) [1 LTC REWARD] [FIXED]


I’m encountering an “Invalid password error” for my electrum-ltc wallet from electrum-ltc.org. I downloaded and installed the for Mac from their site on 6/23/17, so this has nothing to do with the attack that happened on 7/31/17. I’ve sent some LTC to the wallet address on 8/1/17, and I’ve checked the address on BlockCypher and the LTC is still sitting there. I don’t think the wallet has been compromised, but rather a weird bug is happening. The wallet is encrypted with a seed and a password. I have been able to access the wallet multiple times during July and August. Only since yesterday have I noticed that I cannot access it. When I open the application, it only gives me the option to enter a password for the default_wallet, nothing else. This default_wallet is the one I used when I first installed the program, I didn’t make a special or custom wallet name. I don’t know where to go from here. There is a new version of the application from electrum-ltc.org but I am hesitant to install it to try and recover my wallet because I think I might overwrite it somehow (pretty new to cryptocurrency space and wallets). I’d rather come here and get some advice first before I do anything. I’m willing to offer a reward of 1 LTC if someone can help me figure this out.

Also: Of course, I haven’t disclosed my password/seed information to anyone online or in person at any time. The seed/password has been written down and stored in a physical safe that only I have access to. I’ve been able to access the wallet before many times.

Thank you!

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2nd Edit: FIXED
All I did was back up my existing ~/.electrum-ltc folder and deleted the original from my computer. I re-downloaded the from the official website and did a fresh install. I used my original seed to restore the wallet. I did not choose to encrypt it with a password. Another user on the bitcoin talk forum had the same problem and found that encrypting it with a password upon install makes it bug out. I definitely do not recommend using electrum for anyone looking to store their LTC.

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