Electrum-LTC not working any longer with Ledger after LTC app update

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I have been using Electrum-LTC with Ledger for the past few months without any issues. Reason being that the gap_limit in Ledger is ridiculous low even in developer mode(999), so most inputs are not visible.

A couple of days ago I updated the LTC app on my Nano X and since then, Electrum-LTC cant find any Ledger device anymore. It shows the following:

My device is plugged in and in LTC mode. Electrum (BTC) is working just fine.

Is there any way to access the funds without having to enter my seed on a device? Guarda Wallet doesnt work with Ledger (LTC), it never worked.

Sorry for the ping but maybe @losh11 as a note for you. Ledger couldnt help me so far.

A recent Ledger firmware update seems to have broken support for Ledger’s to work with Electrum-LTC. Please report this to Ledger support, making sure to let them know that it used to work before you updated firmware.

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Already done it and they are looking into it. I dont have high hopes. But we might get surprised. Guarda Wallet for example never worked even before the firmware update.

Litecoin App/Firmware on Ledger: 2.4.1

I wouldn’t be surprised if the cause of this issue is that eletrum-ltc hasn’t been updated for quite a while.
Ledger probably assumes that electrum-ltc uses the same “api settings” as electrum, hence copy-pastes the btc app settings to ltc app (with some changes). But as electrum-ltc development has been stale for a very long time it is possible that an essential update in electrum is missing in electrum-ltc, hence rendering an updated ledger ltc app update incompatible with (the outdated (compared to electrum) code in) electrum-ltc.

It’s already a pity that electrum-ltc hasn’t got MW support, but that it apparently isn’t developed at all anymore (even though litecoin foundation more or less officially took over maintenance of the project from pooler - Is this still maintained? · Issue #306 · pooler/electrum-ltc · GitHub) is really sad - at least there are no new commits on github since 10 months ago.

Your best best in the short run would ironically be a nano s because it itself it outdated and doesn’t get any updates from ledger…

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I have this same issues @lt-user

Any update? No news from Ledger. No alternative wallet for Ledger devices. Funds are basically “locked” away.