Electrum LTC - Cant login to wallet

Hi, folks. Bit of a crypto noob here so please bear with me. I searched for any similar posts earlier and couldn’t find anything answering my question.

I have been trying to access my Electrum LTC wallet today, and for some reason after I enter the password in the install wizard and click ‘Next’, the window disappears and it never takes me to my wallet…

I uninstalled/reinstalled the program, restarted my computer, ran it in safe mode but I still seem to be having the same issue… any advice? I can share more details if necessary. Please help!

do you have the seed? (12 word list)

I do! I recovered the wallet on another computer but if i try to recover it on this pc, it continues to crash.

unistall the wallet… get the portable version and try.

This worked! Thank you! Why did I need to use the portable version?

maybe something was corrupt. no idea