Electrum LTC not working - Help?

I sent LiteCoin from Coinbase to my old Electrum LTC wallet. Coinbase says completed, Electrum LTC shows no incoming and won’t let me send. I was unaware of the Electrum phishing problems. When I now download Electrum 3.3.8 on my Mac it doesn’t give me a LiteCoin option for sending or receiving, only mBTC and I don’t know what that is.
Help with this Coinbase > Electrum transfer lost somewhere in cyberspace?
Help with upgrading to Electrum that will do LTC, or suggestion of better LiteCoin wallet?

check the transaction at blockcypher.com

click the "block explorer tab at the top of the page
then just copy and paste the transaction id into the “block explorer”
if still not showing in electrum then you may need to import your private key into a different wallet…
I always suggest Core wallet @ litecoin.org…need to download the entire blockchain to use it though and let it sync before you can send coins…need about 100GB max set aside of disk space id recommend or more for blockchain download and future download…