Electrum Litecoin Wallet Install


I am trying to install Electrum for Litecoin. I managed to install Electrum for Bitcoin but I have a problem with the one for LTC.

I have installed the following dependencies (not all of them may be useful…)


I follow the readme of the tar.gz that says:

You can also install Electrum-LTC on your system, by running this command::

  • sudo apt-get install python3-setuptools python3-pip*
  • python3 -m pip install --user .*

This will download and install the Python dependencies used by
Electrum-LTC instead of using the ‘packages’ directory.
It will also place an executable named :code:electrum-ltc in :code:~/.local/bin,
so make sure that is on your :code:PATH variable.

I have unpacked the tar.gz
I run python3 -m pip install --user

which gives me :
ERROR: You must give at least one requirement to install (see “pip help install”)

I just read in another post that you don’t recommend the Electrum wallet for Litecoin. What are the reasons for this?
I use it for bitcoin and I think it works pretty well

It may work well, but any wallet on your computer can be vulnerable unless you are using it with a hardware wallet controlling the keys. I use electrum for BTC, BSV, XEC, LTC, but mostly with a nano or trezor.

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Ok, I understand, thank you for your answer