Electrum download source

Hi everybody

Can anybody tell me the official websource to get the latest LTC electrum wallet?
Don’t wanna download anything wrong.


i would not recommend to use electrum wallet

Greetings LTCASINO
Thanks for your respond. I know, electrum is not the wallet of choice. I`ve downloaded and synced the core wallet already, but all I´ve got to restore my funds, is the seed from the electrum wallet I used previously. Once restored, I wanna switch to the core wallet. Plan is to dump the private key in electrum and import it into the core wallet, is that possible?. Or can I use the .dat from electrum in core as well?

First I need to reseed it though in electrum and for this I want to have the right source, so that I don’t download any false malware.
Thanks a lot in advance


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Thanks Michael

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