Educational video on MWEB

My goal is to design a 30 to 60 seconds animation explaining what is MWEB, how it works, how to use it(pegin/pegout) and its benefits.
I have aleady gathered info but i would need more to understand it better
So im looking for any documentation, graphics or even videos that could help me

Tx in advance

and How will MimbleWimble work on Litecoin? should be helpful :slight_smile:

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Just realized u wrote this article as well which was my starting point:

Thanks a lot

Thats would be great Sasha! Happy to help as well. =

There’s some helpful articles on the Foundation’s site too.

Gona need help to review this video before publishing it.
Tx for the support J

You can check it out on Litecoin official or Litecoin Foundation. Sorry i can’t give a link here

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Looking forward to it. Please share it when you are done. Best of luck

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I’d like to suggest you create a longer video explaining in a little detail. Thank you.

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Working with the litecoin foundation on it and we settled on:
Part 1: intro on the MWEB development with charlie, david and ecurrency
Part 2: How to use the privacy option?
Part 3: What does MWEB do for users?

Video lenght: Trying to keep it under 2mn

That’s nice! Short and crisp videos are considered by many because of their short attention span.

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That’s nice! Plus, promote it on similar platforms to raise awareness about MWEB.

Thanks a lot
Would you happen to know what is prunability of spents outputs? Or any leads such as articles?
Cant talk about scalability in the video if i dont understand that