Dust threshold of Litecoin

I’m investigating the specification of litecoin to create easy to use litecoin wallet.

In litecoin mainnet, when I try to broadcast 0.0001 LTC transaction, my transaction is rejected by the following error:
"{“result”:null,“error”:{“code”:-26,“message”:“64: dust”},“id”:“a92beefa-cc60-4c25-abae-9fb8a49e92cb”}"

Is 0.0001 LTC dust amount?
I thought the implementation of dust judgement logic is same with bitcoin, but is there any difference?

Any comments and advices are appreciated.

Dust isn’t a flat amount. It’s a formula that’s calculated based on the current fee market + size of the txn. This is how Litecoin Core defines it:

// “Dust” is defined in terms of CTransaction::minRelayTxFee,
// which has units litoshis-per-kilobyte.
// If you’d pay more than 1/3 in fees
// to spend something, then we consider it dust.
// A typical txout is 34 bytes big, and will
// need a CTxIn of at least 148 bytes to spend:
// so dust is a txout less than 546 litoshis // with default minRelayTxFee.

If you want to learn a deeper explanation, this article does a pretty good job.