Donation to market Litecoin in China

Hello everyone,

While the Litecoin development work is going well, serious marketing work has not yet got started. To fill this void, we, Lena Chou and Biao Geng, are willing to help with Litecoin marketing in China. At this stage, we will promote Litecoin on

  • Zhihu Community (It’s a Chinese Q&A community similar with Quora)
  • V2EX (a popular Chinese technology community)
  • 8btc (a popular Chinese digital currency community)

In addition, we will conduct search engine optimization for Litecoin. Also,we will invite people to translate the latest news about Litecoin and update the news to Litecoin users in China regularly.

To make the work progress smoothly, financial support is needed. We expect 500 Litecoins at the first stage. The funding will be managed by Litecoin Foundation (LF). The following is the LF donation address:


Any amount will be appreciated. If you have donated and want to have your name on this page, please send me or Xinxi a message including your name and your name signed using your private key or give me or Xinxi a screenshot of your withdraw records if it’s from an exchange.

Detailed financial reports will be released regularly in this thread.

Thank you very much!

Donation Received

| Amount(LTC) | Date       | Donor                 |
| 30          | 2017-01-18 | Finite Maz (Telegram) |
| 10          | 2017-01-18 | Hawken                |
| 1           | 2017-01-27 | 月亮                  |

Bills to be paid

SEO in 百度知道 costs 100 RMB (2017-01-18)

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Good to see Lena and Biao are willing to help. Marketing is perhaps the most important job at this moment.


Thank you for Finite Maz’s donation !:blush:
Biao is now conduct search engine optimization for Litecoin official website and :airplane:

LTC 10 incoming…

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@Hawken Thank you so much !!


yeah, marketing is very important job on the all stages

HI, do you gays still need helper? I can help at this project.

Everybody asking for donation to market litecoin in different country.
Is that legit ?