Dogecoin Bonus on Litecoin P2Pool

Happy Independence Day Litecoin miners!’s Litecoin P2Pool node is now offering a 500:1 Dogecoin Bonus.

We’ve integrated AuxPoW merged mining of Dogecoin and now offer bonus rewards for every Litecoin block mined by our node.

Check out the new Litecoin & Dogecoin Mining Calculator to estimate your payout.

Please help support decentralized mining on P2Pool and have a great holiday!


Hi I still cannot withdraw a LTC from mining please suggest for me Thanks again.

The P2Pool network pays you when it mines a Litecoin block. In addition, Active Miners on our node also receive a 500:1 Dogecoin Bonus when the Litecoin block is mined by our node! We’re the only P2Pool offering a DOGE bonus.

Try out our Litecoin & Dogecoin Mining Calculator!

ok I will wait for the new one thanks however seems not paid yet. In DM ser