Does the death of Bitcoin also mean the death of cryptomania??

If Bitcoin were to completely bottom out, what would happen to the altcoins?

Follow the crypto superstar to a fiery death? or Skyrocket passed their predecessor?

I believe that Satoshi had a vision where blockchain technology and cryptocurrency would be the foundation of the world. But as we all know Rome wasn’t built in a day(unlike bitcoins run to 20k). What if in this vision Bitcoin wasn’t meant to be the gold of the internet but rather a mold of what should be created. When comparing bitcoin to its rivals, it is usually at a disadvantage in the technology department yet, it is still the most valued crypto. While Lightning network has been less than impressive, other crypto tech has been stealing the spotlight. Ripple is currently holding the fastest transaction time of roughly 3 seconds(avg. transaction time for bitcoin~60min). EOS while navigating a rough mainnet launch is dropping EON which looks to fundamentally solve problems within EOS. Investors are already talking about EON being crypto-gold in the near future.

Don’t give up hope if Bitcoin does take a turn for the worst. Trust the Tech, better days are on their way.