Does Litecoin have taproot?

I know bitcoin is getting it soon and such things often occur on litecoin first.

Curious about this because when taproot is available on Bitcoin, this will allow XMR to BTC cross chain atomic swaps.

It would be awesome to also do cross chain atomic swaps with litecoin and monero, especially because of the cheaper transaction fees of litecoin.


Litecoin pretty much follows what BTC Core does…the biggest change is Mimblewimble which BTC passed on as an anonymous option being ‘too dangerous’ in attracting regulation…back in the day. Mimblewimble was originally made for BTC but never implemented. I’d assume LTC will do taproot as well…all that nice coding…LTC devs did not have to pay and develop…why not?




This period has reached 1815 Taproot signalling blocks, which is required for lock-in.

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Love to see it

Here is the reply from the LTC foundation on this… in short, yes but let us get MW going first.