Do you use antivirus app on your smartphone?

Do you use antivirus app on your smartphone? How do you think it is really necessary?

For financial transactions, one should never use a smartphone. Because smartphones are too tiny in size. They just fit in the palm of your hand, and wrong keystrokes (taps of your fingers) are too easily made.
I’m speaking of, clicking links in your emails, by accident. Not on purpose, but the results are huge.
Most of malware infections in the world, come forth from… smartphones…

I do not quite agree with your opinion, it is definitely worth watching for the transition to different links, but it is also worth considering the parameters of authentication of the user’s login to the system that actively supports google authenticator key to date, Transfer Google Authenticator is one of the best measures of functional protection. Therefore, this protection is by definition easy to use, with the protection of your data, passwords, and financial transactions. If you approach the issue of google authenticator new phone from the point of view of providing protection when transferring data, then you will not be afraid of any viruses and the antivirus for your mobile phone with its load will be irrelevant, because you guarantee your security at the stage of logging into the app.

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If you download only things from trust-able sources, and you don’t use torrents and other stuff like that you don’t need a antivirus. It is a waste of time and space.

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always use it, DR Web was previous one, now Norton

Yes, I think most of the people use antivirus in their phone.