Do you think LTC is ready to show its real price potential?

What are your thought about this? will we see price?

A collaborative community and grassroots decentralized publicity team would help greatly, IMO.

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Not until Mimblewimble comes into play. Even that may be ‘iffy’ in the protocol may be ‘banned’, I know that Bitcoin did not develop Mimblewimble for just that reason back in the day.

Anyway, this is a way’s in the future, so I don’t expect too much from Litecoin till it is implemented.



You might be surprised when least expected.

hodl put your coins into an interest earning account

Hoping it will make $300-ish by summer. $500 by Christmas.
Just throwing it out there.
(Not financial advice) :mask: I’m just a hopeful Nurse.


Yes, I had this idea the other day. We need a separate thread for those interested in collaborating to spread awareness of litecoin in an organized manner.

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We are attempting and succeeding in some areas but would like to collaborate with others interested in the same. Telegram: Contact @litecoin_center

I can easily go to 500 this year any 2000 till 2025

what’s ur recomendation for interest?

Buy and hold for long term, I will give a good profit ( I think better than BTC)

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i aleady did since 3years ago.
i wonder there is some skill? for earn interest? not just keep ltc in my wallet?

  • exclude defi (i will not take risk.)

I agree that many big investors probably wait to see how MW plays out.

Otherwise it would trade near its fair value which is currently usd 470, just like Bitcoin trades around its fair value.

Litecoin constantly has top 5 to top 3 trading volume which is important for big investors. Litecoin has liquidity and the widest community spread. Better community spread than Bitcoin, BCH or BSV

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You say Litecoin has better community spread. Where can I find hard numbers that point to this?

Bitcoin, BCH, BSV and Litecoin Richlists

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What do you define as “better” spread? What rich lists did you use to obtain this information? How do those richlists obtain their information? Are they complete and accurate?

For exple

The analyse the blockchains.

Better community spread = it takes more addresses to hold 95% of all coins mined.

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