Do you play video games?

Do you play video games? What are they?

Nop we dont play vid games

Sometimes yes, but last time very rarely.

Sometimes! I play first-person shooter games like CS:GO.

Yeah, I play video games and I like it a lot.

I used to years ago, I played WOW and like it a lot. I must say is one of the best games ever. But the movie kind of dissapoint me

I play a lot on PS4, I recently installed Fortnite and I find it quite cool, because I am being taught to improve a little my skills. I also play LoL and Hearthstone.

Yes, I love playing moba games like DotA 2. I also really like shooter games like destiny 2. the Gaming industry in this state is the best thing that could happen to the entertainment industry.

I’ve just bought Death Stranding on PC, so cool!

Yeah, some cs fifa and some cod

FIFA is really great to play online.

Occasionally play AgeofEmpires and Civilization V

Yes I do

No, I don’t play video games.

Yes, I play a lot. My favorite games are FIFA, LoL and CS GO. The best way to spend time.

I started with Pong and ended with Pacman :D. I’m an old fart. :slight_smile:
But cousins seem to get a lot out of it, socializing with friends, very realistic games, etc.