Do you know what miner is this?

I´m trying to figure out what type of model of this miner is but I can not find information about it.

I received from a friend a few days ago but he does not know the type of model it is.

Thank you in advance!

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Hard to tell like this. I suggest Power up and get access to the UI it will give you some information about the miner rest you can search on Google or take couple of pictures then do image search you get a clue

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It might be BW’s L21 model. Never seen one in person but the PSU cable connection arrangement looks like the picture in this article: BW L21 – MiningWatchdog

Does the other end look like one of the pictures in this article?

Agree that powering up and checking the IP address in a browser should reveal the manufacturer.


Interestingly Unknown. But would go with BW L21 like the top comment.

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Thank you for the help guys.

I´ve working on it and checked everything and it´s working properly at an average of 1,400 th/s.

My friend told me it costs around $3,500 - $4,000.

This is the only one I´m running up but I´m moving soon so I´d like to sell it for a fair price.

Do you know where can I sell it?

I can make it to $1,500 - $1,900

Thanks in advance!

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I think it is the very old model you have received. Mining is perfectly working on the latest computer hardware.

No way to just judge a book by it’s cover. Plug it in and try to access the interface buddy, that’s the only way you can actually know what brand the machine is and what coin it mines.


Exactly, this is best way to know.

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from where did your friend get it?