Do you invest in ICOs?

Do you invest in ICOs and what ICO lists are you using? I use this one Do you use others? What do you think of ICO personally?

STAY AWAY FROM ICO’S…EVERYONE IS A SCAM…all they do is use proof of stake bitcoins in exchange for pre-mined coins…highly unsecured and very hack-able…just look up what happened to the DAO on the Ether blockchain

Yes I do, Personally I think ICO is the technology of the time. The time demands for something like ICO. I’m literally sick of paying so much to the telecom. I have to make frequent phone calls overseas and it’s very costly. I know the internet could be very cheap about it but there’s not always internet access on the other side of the phone.

I don’t trust ICOs

Most ICOs are scams. Do not believe these promises they make. I tested it for myself. Do not invest in this. There was a time when new ICOs appeared very often. And I haven’t heard anything about them since that time…

Agree, I think it doesn’t work now

Hello! In 2017 it was super nice strategy! Buy now not so good…

There is no guarantee that every ICO will be a success plus it is very risky. In the case of investing in ICOs it is important to choose the right ICO for your investment, as the market is surrounded by fraud companies that are ready to run away with your investments.

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