Disappeared litecoins

My litecoins are not showing in the wallet and while I was able to find many cryptocurrency-related issues online, seems like no one has encountered exactly the same issue as I did. Back in 2014 I transferred some of the Dogecoins I mined to a new Litecoin QT wallet. Then I backed up the wallet (have the .dat file) and haven’t touch it since then. Recently I’ve installed a new version of Litecoin QT (on another machine) and when I did whatever is required to “annihilate” the old wallet (opened the app, let the blockchain sync, close the app, replace the wallet.dat file with my old one and open the app again, while optionally using -rescan option although not required since the new wallet does it automatically) I see 0 balance and no transactions. When checking the address’s balance using blockchain explorer I still see 0 balance an no transactions history. So far the conclusion (and correct me if I’m wrong) is that this address (i.e. hashed public key) could not be my original address since there’s no chance the transactions were reversed or deleted somehow (or is it?). So I found my old hard drive, installed it, opened an old Litecoin wallet (although it has some security breaches) and surprisingly found the same picture: same address, same 0 balance and no transactions. I tried to somehow trace the address I’ve used to transfer the money to back in 2014. I used Cryptsy as an exchange and I can see the transaction in my Dogecoin wallet showing that money were sent (supposedly to Cryptsy address). But since Cryptsy has gone, I can no longer access my account to see what address the money went to. I also tried pywallet, was able to dump my old wallet.dat, can see plenty of different addresses (like 50 maybe) and they all have 0 balance and seems like belong to bitcoin blockchanin (this addresses structure is something I don’t understand and can’t find enough info online). Any suggestions or was I dreaming that I’ve ever had litecoins on my wallet?