Disappear my litecoin in litevault wallet help me please

I m using litevault.net wallet today my wallet was empty and missing my 31.5 litecoin the transaction story is not avaible . Please help me I m disperate, what I have to fo for to Have my litecoin…

Hi pablo i have same problems maybe im hoping its just a glitch ive sent email to contact for litevault .

Have you checked sochain ? here is link put you address at end of this link

So i need help to for same questions

Litevault loads ok it ask for my identifier and password and loads into wallet balance shows zero and transactions say error
when i try to send there is no address in from address
i checked the export file and its exactly the same as my saved version from months back
sochain say my address as being in correct balance and all transactions match up

Thank you a lot a lot I hope to see my account fixed soon…

Hi Pablo, how was your account, I have the same problem!