Did I lose my Litecoins? *Reward 1 LTC who fix this*

Dear support team

I downloaded today the Litecoin Core wallet and while synching I send 6 coins to the following address created by the wallet: LKb9zTYduieDXtQYRoyzS4wUtBbRp31gtA

Now when it is fully synched the address is not showing up anymore and my coins are not visible? I looked for the transaction ID and it says ‘unspent’. Did I lose my coins? I really hope not it was quite some money. I also encrypted my wallet with a password while synching but that seems also gone?

I really hope you guys can solve this, I’m desperate.


Any computerwizz who can solve this problem? I’m willing to pay 1 LTC to someone who fix this!

If you lost the password you won’t be able to open your wallet.

Problem is solved! A big thanks & shoutout to pguerrerox! :point_up_2::clap:
He managed to solve the problem to get my wallet back. Trustworthy person with a good point of view to solve a problem. Big thumbs up! :+1::+1::+1: