Did anyone buy Litecoin back when it was under $10?

Which one of you are hodling it from that point up until now?

Hi. I rarely post as my life is very busy but pop in for a read every so often.

I first purchased LTC in 2013 when it was between $10-$20, I then hodled whilst it fluctuated up & down. Lots of people laughed at me! Then in 2015 I purchased more at $1.30! (Wish I’d got many more!) I’ve hodled with the strongest hands ever since along with BTC & some ALTS & keep the majority on my Ledger Nano. I have never spent a penny! I’ve given some to friends (mostly the people who laughed but they’re not laughing now🤣) & encouraged many people into Litecoin as we all should if we can, even if just gifting a fraction at these higher price levels.

Thats despite reading so much fud over the years of which is mostly based on nothing!! It’s easy to see past the fud nonsense when you have some perspective over time & have witnessed how things played out, however newbies tend to get caught up on it.

I believe Litecoin has some of the strongest fundamentals & is probably the fairest coin out there, it also has one of the most honest teams Coblee/Developer’s/Xinxi et al… & it’s still very young👌

I may cash out a little in the future as needs must but the majority is a long term hodl as we have many positive years ahead!

Peace & love people


I mined like 12,565 or some such LTC on www.litcoinpool.org back in the day…most of it under $10…I swapped it for BTC so it all kinda evened out in the wash proportion-wise via BTC as long as you look at the average price of both and NOT if I would have sold LTC at the ATH. (unlikely).

So many ‘missed’ boats on stuff in the past…I’m like a preggers waitress on the dock waving to the fleet! :frowning:

I bought at 3.80 in 2016 and replace all that I use. :slight_smile:

The first I read about BTC was the pizza story. Then in 2013 a software dev pointed me to BTC and LTC. Unfortunately I did not invest much time into it and thought LTC at around usd 5 was too high to buy and it seemed very complicated back then.

Long story short I bought my first BTC in Oct 2017, did not sell any since but bought more using dollar cost averaging.

Started to buy LTC when it hit the low late 2018 and bought more using dollar cost averaging ever since.

Both investments paid off, my average cost is very low compared to todays prices.

Just like with stocks … buy and hold longterm for at least 5 to 10 years, reinvest the dividends (stocks) or the interest earned in LTC, retire early … in 5 to 10 years.