Development Update June 3, 2017

The Litecoin Foundation has raised enough funds to support two full-time developers for about 1 year. The newest unaudited financial statements can be found at and the donation list

We’ve got Shaolinfry and will probably hire one more shortly, which will be announced once we complete the paper work. Highly skilled full-time developers are very important to Litecoin’s progress, and more support and talents are still needed.

We are going to release 0.13.3rc1 soon. The code can be found at GitHub - litecoin-project/litecoin at 0.13.

The team are working hard on various other projects. You are welcome to take a look at repos of Litecoin Project · GitHub and Litecoin Foundation · GitHub

Lightning Network/RSK teams are in close contact with the Litecoin team.


Congratulations to the entire team and to the community.

Great things lie ahead. :v:


Great to hear!!! I promised you my next block reward and you will have it within hours…

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… or maybe a little more. My transaction is stuck… It will show up eventually :slight_smile:

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Charlie Lee tweeted this last night:

RSK on Litecoin. SmartLitecoins. 2-way pegs. Atomic swaps. Drivechain. Need I say more?!

Exciting times for Litecoin!

hi, i figure out how to compile and make some changes to the code, the genesis block gives an error when i am running it again, all good so far.
but i cant locate my debug.log file, it is supposed to be in home/.litecoin and it isnt, it is not creating the forlder…
any help??