Development Update Dec 3

Thrasher is working hard to finish the release of 0.13rc. It’s a bit delayed because he was a bit busy last week.

As many of you have noticed, with the help of thrasher, the awesome new built by Steve has been launched. Also, the forum now becomes the officially recommended forum. As explained before, the Core team does not want to control too many things and thus the forum will be running under my name. You are welcome to discuss there.

Litecoin Foundation is still under registration. It is a bit slower than expected because cryptocurrencies are still quite new to Cayman Islands’s regulatory framework according to the lawyers. We changed the registration venue from Hong Kong to Cayman Islands mainly for tax reasons.

Once the registration is done, the one million Renminbi will be credited into its bank account. We are also discussing with major miners about taxing them a small percentage for each new block to sponsor Litecoin development. Some major miners including LTC1BTC and F2Pool have agreed. The Core team also have started to discuss how the employment agreement for Litecoin Foundation should be written.

Some big miners in China may have some big actions on Litecoin in the near future. Litecoin hash rate could increase rapidly soon. One is planning to build an ecosystem including services like bitpay for Litecoin. Let’s watch these closely.


Are there any teams who wants to start Lightning Network over LTC? LN sources are open, segwit will be executed much faster, why not to become first currency with LN?

i just want to know when to release the new version please,because you guys have eated your words for many times.i was just very disappointed at it and no longer believe in you guys.

Agreed. I would be excited to see LN launched on LTC before BTC. It would not only put BTC devs mind at ease by seeing it tested on LTC first, but would also generate some interest in LTC development. I’ve been assuming this was the path LTC would take, but the progress seems so slow. I wish I would have went to school for computer science so I could help contribute, but unfortunately I’m stuck on the sidelines.