Decrypt private key

Hello, I have a paper wallet with litecoins and I cannot send my ltc to another wallet.
I have a private (encrypted) key and the password.

I’ve used in a tool to decrypt and I entered my data and I think was ok because the public key generated, if I search for it on the block chain, I have see my coins.

Instead, when I go to import the private key on a Wallet it tells me that it is an invalid litecoin address. Is there a solution to this problem? Thank you

Which tool? what wallet did you try to import with?

What three characters does the public key start with?

I have used this tool:
Iancoleman .io/bitcoin-key-compression/

I have try import to jixx, electrum, Guarda and other.

My pubblic key (from tool) start with 1Q5…
but when I search it in block chain, appear my coin with another address, and it start with LiJ…

Dont use any questionable tools!
Just download electrum-ltc and when you create wallet select import private keys. Put the key in the window that appears, voila you have access to your coins.