Decentralize LTC mining, switch to GPU POW

We all know that in past years we only see asic miners dumping, while BTC is having problems with block overload. What did litecoin did? NOTHING at all?
Few Chinese pools decided to block any litecoin development and usability by blocking Segwit and in the process made litecoin weak and controlled by a few greedy people!
I propose that we soft fork to dual POW mining with GPU or even hard fork to some GPU heavy algo for which it is infeasible to create fast ASICs, or at least make it very expensive.
It could be equihash or some variant or lyra2 algo tuned for GPU
I am 100% sure 95% GPU miners would be open and eager to push segwit, that move would also make as on radar of huge number of people mining it
At same way we would decentralize mining all over a world!
In past I was never for hard fork or algorithm change, but if you as an investor and user of litecoin became hostage of 2-3 pools which have zero respect for the future and community, is it not right to do what majority wants?
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