Cryptocurrency vs NFTs

Cryptos and NFTs are both digital assets and can be bought, sold, and exchanged using digital currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. They can be used as a means of payment and are subject to a similar set of regulatory implications and taxes. Most notably, NFT and cryptos are decentralized. They function independently and are not governed by any centralized authority. Instead, they rely on the distributed ledger technology of blockchain.

The market for NFTs has gotten smaller. But it hasn’t died yet. A lot of people are moving from NFT to crypto.

So what do you think, investing in crypto is more profitable than NFTs? And have you ever owned NFTs?


NFTs are useless. A handful of cryptocurrencies (BTC, LTC, XMR, DOGE) are useful, the remainder are garbage.


NFTs are random digital assets with crypto-like properties and foolish price fluctuations, while cryptocurrency is much better to invest in due to its quite fair
market analytics-based price variation.

Well I do agree with you that Crypto Currency is much better then NFTs, as we know that it is a volatile market so it has more potential then any NFTs.

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dont forget ETH

NFTs are useful, especially if you are a skilled painter. Every job deserves payment. But it’s not about meme NFTs or someone’s graphic trash - it’s useless.


Yeah you are right who knows the artist hardwork are willing to support him by buy some of his pieces like NFTs in this modern era

Sure, for artists NFTs are a way to sell their work. I dont know how NFTs will develop in the future. It is a new technology like the steam train in 1850. We cant really see what will be in the future. Maybe it is useless, maybe not.

Crypto currencys are only useful if there is a market for them. When you are able to buy something with it.

NFT’s could be used as independent data objects in many applications like what they are really are.

Lifetimes premium access for 1 time payment
As example.

Or as Avatar/Character in a game, or as equipment for it.

Combining JSON objects with NFT’s opening a huge new world and LTC-20 is just a small example.