Crypto will be impacted by new US Senate regulation?

Looking at this : things are not looking promising on the american side…

Your thoughts ?

nothing to worry about… just pay your taxes and file the proper paperwork and you should be just fine… that’s for money laundering… just don’t sell a bunch of cocaine and receive coins for it and you’ll be fine

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Huh… I’ve heard something similar on this site -
It’s definitely bad news. What’s about our anonymit)?

Regulation of Cryptocurrencies Around the World

Cryptocurrencies have been growing at a tremendous rate. All the corresponding assets to what we call cryptocurrencies are seemingly identical as they are based on the all-new decentralized mechanism known as blockchain with implicit encryption. Law and policies around the world are still struggling to catch up to the legal frameworks surrounding the technology.
read full article by Deepanshu Bhatt

There was a scare about it too after the news surrounding vaping in the US, as mentioned here. It says that such act could mean that anything could get banned, and who knows if crypto will be targeted soon. Honestly, I’m not too worried.

i say little to no affect.