Crypto sponsorship in the sports world

It’s been almost a year since one of the biggest football brands has begun its cooperation with CashBet. We are talking about Arsenal Football Club of course - an English team which signed a sponsorship deal with CashBet Coin over a year ago. CashBet entered into a partnership with Arsenal for the latter to promote its initial coin offering at the 60,000-seat Emirates stadium. It all started in 2014 when Sacramento Kings began its collaboration with Bitcoin. This season Wolverhampton Wanderers accepted CoinDeal to sponsor them. We talk about huge money, millions of dollars. Sponsorship deals are one of the best-paid trades in the world and when it comes to sports, there is always an audience and where the audience is - there is money.

So recently a cryptocurrency called FuturoCoin (whitepaper is here) signed a sponsorship deal with a Formula 1 team - Aston Martin Red Bull Team Racing to become a first cryptocurrency sponsoring F1.
via … n-Red-Bull

“Another noteworthy initiative is the operation set up by Paris Saint-Germain in partnership with Socios, a Maltese company owned by ChiliZ. It claims to have raised 66 million dollars from financiers, including Binance.”

For me it looks like sports clubs and cryptocurrencies are the perfect match, because of huge money and recognition. Cryptocurrencies are in a constant battle, struggling to fight for their “lives”.

What do you think about the way it’s going?

I don’t see Cryptocurrency or the community is suffering, if you could see it from a different perspective, they’re working hard at the back, building the platform and partnership, improving the awareness and adoption, strengthening the tech, they’re not struggling, it’s how things work, it’s a process and it’s just a matter of time.

Those who see it clearly, it worth every bits of their sweat to make it work, to walk the journey together, the passion.

It’s just the matter of time.

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Honestly, i think it’s a really good for cryptoworld to get on the sponsorship deals hype train. There is money in sports, there is new space that can be exploited to let the world know that cryptocurrencies are not just a trend. It’s bigger than that.

Yes, every single small efforts in an encouragement in adoption.

I wonder how much such sponsorships cost them ahah

Depends which team are they sponsoring.

In football there is huge money involved. So, I just can guess :slight_smile:

I think millions and millions $$

What is this sponsorship all about? Are there advantages for both sides?

How are football clubs and crypto connected? Where do this money go?

Since when crypto sponsorship exists in the sports world? Does anybody know?

Seems like nobody can answer our questions about sport and crypto here :upside_down_face:

It’s just simple sponsorship in return for good advertising

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There are. Money and promotion.

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Huh, it seems so.

Oh, that’s how it works

Isn’t it good for the crypto economy if we can get more promotion?

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