Crypto casino Fortunejack scam user $120K

FortuneJack is a scambook and I don’t recommend them to anyone that values their time, money and sanity. They seem to have form for denying people their legitimate winnings based on vague and bogus t&cs, especially large wins.

They canceled winning bets worth up to $120,000, but we’re happy to accept the bets and wait for the final results before taking action.

There is no way “Who will win the rest of the match” and “Full time result” are the same bet, also considering that the bets in question were placed at different odds. Also, keep in mind that they had more than enough time to cancel the so-called “duplicate” bets, but waited until after the bests were graded to do so.

When asked whether they refund all “duplicate” - similar bets back to players, they categorically said no. According to them: “Not all the duplicated bets are canceled, only the ones that exceed 100,000 in euros.”

That’s to say if the bets had lost, they’d have kept the stake, and if the amounts were lower, better for them. This Is criminal and people should steer well clear of this book. They keep devising new ways to steal from players.