Creating tweaked coin from litecoin-core


First of all i hope that this is right place to ask some technical details about litecoin-core.

I dont want to create coin which will go on market or something like that, i want to create private coin for inner company games and gifts and i have multiple questions about some tweeks.

So basic idea is to have payment system based on litecoin-core and which is not going to be decentralized, so miners will runed by company.

I already created altcoin with litecon-core but i need some tweaks if they are possible.

  1. So first of all, i don’t need transaction fees, i want to set fee on zero, miners will be set only to solve transactions.

  2. I need fixed amount of coins “premined”, so i want to set “bank” wallet with all coins in genesis block, if this is possible, so mining will be only used for making transactions?

  3. I do not need rewards for mining, because all miners are mine, in translation this is fully centralized system but it is using blockchain for security. Can I set this.

  4. Because all miners are mine, can I set difficulty on 1, or even use regtest network. Is this safe?

  5. How to set all nodes and miners to connect to my network, and completely independent of main litecoin networks?

  6. I will not need whole blockchain all time, only when we are playing games, so common thing will be reset whole thing down and start over again, so will some server based miner would be enough to maintain transactions for this?

So point is how can I put all coins in genesis block, turn off fees and mine rewards, and set my own miners to mine with low difficulty?

So why i would do this?

There are 2 purposes,

One is to learn about litecoin and blockchain technology and second is that is easier to use tweaked litecoin-core than to make complete new payment system, everything is there, whole api for making transactions, getting transactions etc, and it is based on blockchain, it should be bullet proof for attackers, also because all miners are in my control this make system even more secure.

Would this system be secure, that is the question also?

If i missed place to ask this questions can you please point me to right direction.

Thank you for your time and best regards.

This is perfectly doable.

However, won’t a public testnet be enough to your propouses?

blockcypher even has it’s own regulated testnet that accomplishes some of your points, I think.

Turning back to your question:
Yes, a single server (node) will be enough to mine on diff 1.
Yes, you can simply delete all the blockchain and start again when game comes to its end.
Yes, you can premine all coins on genesis block.
Yes, you can configure reward to be zero.
For 5, I suggest you to change address format bytes, and to configure your nodes to connect only between themselves.

I am not sure i understand with testnet? Would not my coins interfere with blockcypher testnet or pubic one, or you just pointed that someone is doing the same.

I would really appreciate if someone could help me and point me to place in source code to change reward and fees to zero, and to configure nodes to connect only between themselves.

Also would this be enough secure for potential attackers, i mean if only miners are trusted authority, how can someone spoof this system?

Also what benefits would I lose if i am using regtest network?