Created my 1st NFT, mailed to 10 000 users and goes to over 30 000 followers - of course, LTC there


if some of you dont know me im an HODLer of LTC since 2013 made interviews with TheMage and Xinxi of LTC -

and soon going for /u/coblee :wink:

I have over 30 000 followers on STEEM (owned by Justin Sun) and 10k+ on my own blog.

Just created 1st NFT, which is of course about LTC with an oldschool kick.

Since LTC was created 10.2011 i have decided to put min sell order at 1 ETH (the common number, as 2 is too much and 0 is impossible).

So have a look at my creation, i am not asking anyone to bid just wanted to share my new LTC promotion (one of the loads over the years).

See ya.



Check this out… your NFT “competition” :joy:
I’ll stick with LTc- before the NFTs disappear like a fart in the wind (literally)

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Thanks will have a look LOL